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Child Australia acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land we have gathered on. We pay respects to the Elders past, present and emerging, for they hold the memories, the traditions, the culture and hopes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples across the nation.

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About Child Australia

Chairperson & CEO’s Message

Our Governing Board

Our Management

Our Impact 2020

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Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

To develop the capacity of the early childhood education and care sector, families and the community to support children’s wellbeing, learning and development.

Our Vision

We have a vision of a community where children grow, thrive and reach their full potential.

Our Values

We are honest, trustworthy and accountable. We take responsibility for our actions. We do the right thing each time we face a difficult decision. We learn from our mistakes.

We treat each person as we expect to be treated. We value diversity. We communicate openly, uphold professional boundaries, maintain relationships and keep confidentiality. We look after our shared resources and property.

We acknowledge and celebrate the efforts and achievements of our staff.

We work together on common goals and look for opportunities to work collaboratively and in partnership with others. We appreciate the value of multiple perspectives and diverse expertise.

We are determined and complete what we set out to do. We follow through on decisions and promises – we do what we say.

We look for the best solution. We think outside the box and challenge ourselves to do things differently. We take responsible risks and continuously improve our services and practices.

About Child Australia

Child Inclusive Learning and Development Australia (Child Australia) is a leading not-for-profit organisation dedicated to improving outcomes for children. We aim to achieve this through professional education, the provision of early and middle childhood services, community and family supports, and sector advocacy.

As an organisation at the forefront of supporting early and middle years’ development, we actively pursue opportunities to collaborate with other agencies in the provision of early and middle childhood programs, research, and services across Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Our extensive on-ground presence is reflected in our diverse portfolio of programs which span metropolitan, regional and remote locations and include;

  • Early Learning Centres
  • Out of School Hours Care
  • Mobile Children’s Service
  • Parent Support
  • Professional Services

This broad reach has enabled us to grow into an organisation known for leading the way in early and middle years’ development and supporting educators and families. With humble beginnings in 1987 (known then as the Resource Unit for Children with Special Needs or RUCSN) with an original objective to include children with disabilities into child care services, we have grown significantly to now offer a wide range of programs and services to improve outcomes for all children. In November 2008, the expansion and evolution of our programs and services led to our name change to Child Inclusive Learning and Development Australia (Child Australia).

With a highly skilled workforce, our practice is guided by evidence based research from contemporary early and middle childhood education and care thinkers. By providing innovative professional development and supports to the sector, we aim to facilitate the development of nurturing and stimulating early and middle childhood learning environments and support families in helping their children thrive.

Child Australia advocates for every child to have the chance to reach their full potential, understanding the correlation between quality programs and services and the achievement of positive long term outcomes for children, families and the broader community.

Message from the Chairperson & CEO

Firstly, we would like to thank the people in our organisation. It is these dedicated people that make an impact, and have built capacity in Child Australia so it can be the thriving organisation it is today. Our people are passionate professionals that embody a selfless culture, delivering on our mission and championing our values every day. Their commitment to children, families, and communities, is outstanding and commendable. Thank you to each of you.

Our journey over the last 12 months has seen the organisation grow from strength to strength. We have developed a deep understanding of how we must constantly transform in order to meet the realities and needs of our key stakeholders – the children, their families, and the many dedicated practitioners supporting them. Being an agile organisation with empowered people and innovative practices means that we have been able to see and do things differently. There are so many layers of complexity to the work we do, and we must be ever-reflective and responsive in an environment that is constantly shifting.

We are fortunate to have a stable and well experienced Board who voluntarily commit many hours of their time to the organisation. We have engaged two new Board members this year, ensuring we refresh and extended the expertise brought to the organisation. The Board continues to support our Senior Leadership Team who have focused their efforts on creating a stable, robust foundation that provides the organisation with the ability to adapt to challenges and opportunities, while capitalising on the organisations dynamic capabilities.

In the last 2 years, we have reshaped our organisation’s financial position, turning it around from a significant consolidated loss to a small profit this financial year. Our organisational resilience and financial stability have positioned us well for future growth opportunities. Our Board and Senior Executive Team have worked collaboratively to set a strategic direction that capitalises on the great work done to date and takes us to the next level of professionalisation in the sector.

We continue to deliver and expand the high-quality programs and services offered to children, their families, and surrounding communities throughout Western Australia and the Northern Territory. This financial year we have expanded our service delivery model by increasing our provision of after-school programs on various school sites throughout the Northern Territory. In addition, we also established a new state of the art Early Learning Centre in Harrisdale Western Australia – made possible by an innovative, values aligned partnership model. We also increased our capacity at many of our existing early learning centres and after school care programs due to overwhelming family demand, meaning more children and their families are now enjoying the nurturing environments and quality learning opportunities offered by our outstanding educators

We celebrate our relationships with funders and strategic partners that continue to support our organisation. As leaders in the provision of professional development for the sector, we were thrilled to be formally acknowledged by the Northern Territory Government with a 5 year partnership agreement allowing Child Australia to provide high-quality support and learning opportunities to Educators, Directors and their Committees. We look forward to working collaboratively to achieve a much broader impact in 2020.

The focus for the next 12 months at Child Australia is for continuous improvement and meaningful growth. We have nurtured a culture of thought-leadership, innovation, and agility, and this has seen our organisation shift boundaries and broaden mind-sets. We continue to advocate for the sector and challenge the status quo, because we deeply believe that if we want to see improved outcomes for children, then we must continually strive for best practice across every aspect of our work.

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.

– Albert Einstein

Finally, we thank our funders, strategic partners, collaborators and friends of Child Australia, of which there are many. We appreciate your support, respect your guidance, and celebrate our collaborative steps towards improving outcomes for our children. This year has been a successful and rewarding time at Child Australia and we look forward to reaching new heights in 2020.

Dr Karen Murcia
Dr Karen MurciaChairperson
Child Australia
Tina Holtom
Tina HoltomCEO
Child Australia

Our Governing Board

Dr Karen Murcia
Dr Karen MurciaChairperson
Dr Karen Murcia is a senior member of the Curtin University teacher… read more
Prof. Elaine Pavlos
Prof. Elaine PavlosVice Chairperson
Prof. Elaine is a Registered Nurse and Midwife. She has a wealth of… read more
David Ansell
David AnsellBoard Member
David is the Co-Director, Policy at Colab ( a partnership between… read more
Helen Creed
Helen CreedBoard Member
Helen brings a wealth of experience to the Board from both the early… read more
Jason Hughes
Jason HughesBoard Member
Jason is a partner of international accounting firm KPMG and an… read more
Partha Nag
Partha NagBoard Member
Partha, MAICD, CPA, is the Executive Director and co-founder of… read more
Steph Shorter
Steph ShorterBoard Member
Steph works for the Department of Communities and is… read more
Craig Stewart
Craig StewartBoard Member
Craig is the State Director at the Red Cross and brings a diverse… read more
Julia Millar
Julia MillarBoard Member
Julia practices in the area of competition and commercial litigation… read more
Jeya Bavan
Jeya BavanBoard Member
Jeya is a Strategy & Transformation Leader, having worked for large… read more

Our Management

Tina Holtom
Tina HoltomChief Executive Officer
Tina is the Chief Executive Officer at Child Australia and has worked in various senior positions within the Education and… read more
Sara Hinchley
Sara HinchleyPrograms & Services
Sara has worked with Child Australia since 2006 and her executive role oversees the Service Delivery and Programs… read more
Maria Miller
Maria MillerCorporate Services
Maria is a highly experienced finance manager with particular expertise in the not-for-profit and childcare sectors. Maria’s role… read more
Dr Vicky Absalom-Hornby
Dr Vicky Absalom-HornbyInnovation & Business Development
Vicky has spent over 16 years in the UK and Australia working to enhance outcomes for children and young… read more

Our Impact

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Professional Learning & Support

Hans Boehm
Hans BoehmDirector of Professional Learning (WA)

2019/20 required Child Australia’s Professional Learning & Support (PL&S) team to use untapped skillsets to adapt their method of content-planning to meet the ever-changing needs of the education and care sector.

During the year the team experienced substantial volume growth as a result of individual educators purchasing and engaging with a range of training options. This was in stark contrast to the traditional service-based, ‘whole of team’ evening workshop approach.

To support these needs, a major emphasis was on the continued creation and renovation of content, while also broadening delivery methods to provide quality, economical and relevant content. A swathe of new One Day Forums were launched, with great attendance, before the Pandemic hit in early 2020.

In response to the Pandemic and restrictions on public events, the team further accelerated this content work particularly through online avenues. The team launched new networking sessions online, including collaborating with the Australian Childcare Alliance to inform over 1,000 attendees with updates on COVID-19 nationwide, then with the WA Health Department on the specific needs for education and care hygiene during the rolling lock-downs.

Over 25 new on-demand webcasts (pre-recorded one hour training videos) were launched in April 2020, complemented by on-demand self-paced courses for more advanced learners. This content has further reinforced national accessibility, the team’s role in growing sector capacity as well driving enquiries for private consulting work to achieve Child Australia’s mission.

The private consulting work in the year found providers requesting more customised content, recognising the importance of their own service contexts. Requests have evolved beyond the standard off-the-shelf workshop staple approach of the past, with full day training mini-conferences, intensive professional coaching of new leaders and educators as well as parent workshops becoming the norm. The PD4U payment plan based support packages to deliver support and training have been a success with more services signing up to 12 month plans than in previous years.

These are all signs of the team’s relationship approach with the sector to bring a genuine and solid commitment to quality improvement that recognises the strengths of every education professional.


Child Australia is always happy to accommodate our needs for both Outside School Hours Care and Long Day Care and listens to areas within professional development we want a stronger focus on. Child Australia are very professional as trainers and very knowledgeable in the training presented. Their passion for children and for increasing Educators knowledge can clearly be seen at all times. It is always a pleasure to have Child Australia within our Kidz Biz Services and I would highly recommend them for professional development and providing support and guidance to our wonderful team of Educators.

– Sheila Venables, Operations Manager-Kidz Biz Early Learning Centre

Sonas Early Learning & Care relies on Child Australia to partner with us in providing authentic, meaningful, engaging and informative learning sessions and programs for our people. We heavily invested in our people’s development and we are so thankful to work with a quality training provider that is receptive to all of our specific requests, understands our specific training needs, shows alignment to our Mission, Vision and Values, and is intuitive to the sector’s ongoing challenges. Child Australia is willing, able and eager to work closely with us to help us achieve our goals for a well-trained workforce.

Shelley Prendergast, Owner/ Director Operations & Education-Sonas Early Learning & Care

Child Australia has continuously supported our out of school care service. Their guidance, advice and support has helped our management team along with all other Educators to provide high quality care. Our Educators have felt refreshed and inspired after professional development sessions which has lead to change and improvement within our service. Child Australia’s reached out and offered support throughout our Assessment & Rating process as well as throughout the COVID crisis. As a service we value Child Australia’s support, professional opinion and the high quality of professional development delivered.

Bianca Piazzola, Stratton OSHC

Child Australia has been conducting training for Alpha Family Daycare Services for the past few years. Their presentations are both engaging and knowledgeable. Most of our Educators are from Non-English speaking backgrounds and Child Australia presents in a way that is easy for our Educators to understand. They have taken the time to form positive relationships with both Staff and Educators, and we feel extremely grateful for their ongoing guidance and support.

Jade and Brooke, Coordinators-Alpha Family Daycare Services

2019/20 was an interesting year in the Accredited Training space. Trainer and assessors worked hard to assist students in completing their qualifications with the aim of all students completing by the end of 2020.

Child Australia continues to see first-hand how their face-to-face training, passion, and drive has positively impacted the services and high-quality care of the students; ultimately supporting children’s holistic learning opportunities and goals.

COVID 19 impacted the trainer’s ability to travel and work onsite with students, therefore much of the support and on the job assessment for students was implemented via email, Zoom conferencing, and telephone support.

Students enrolled in the Early Years Rewarding Career program in Alice Springs, Northern Territory, are on track to complete their studies. All stakeholders involved continued to work in close collaboration; forging a partnership to provide necessary support to students. These partnerships are paramount to the individual success of students.

Child Australia is thankful to the Larapinta Child & Family Centre for the use of their training room and amenities and to the services that accommodated students for their placement. The generous contribution of the local Early Learning Centres in providing professional placement was also paramount in students engaging in service operations, develop new skills, and embed learning.

Students enrolled in the Early Years Rewarding Career program in Nhulunbuy, Northern Territory worked hard to continue to reach competence in their units. East Arnhem and Nhulunbuy Early Learning Centres continued to support students in their professional learning and development.

Child Australia’s partnership with registered training organisation GTNT, trainers were provided with resources needed to continually review, implement, and facilitate quality training. This past year the partnership was further strengthened which enabled a transparent and effective collaborative approach to ensure each student was set for success.

Noting the less than ideal setups for inservice workshops Child Australia delivers in, they introduced the NearPOD facilitation platform. NearPOD was developed originally for classrooms, the platform allows facilitators to present content and innovative engagement activities to attendees’ personal devices. This means facilitators do not have to carry presentation equipment, while reducing the need for printed handouts as all content is delivered electronically. This has reduced the estimated 500 sheets of paper (equivalent to an entire tree) that is usually handed out to attendees at each sessions

The platform allows attendees to participate in game-like engagement activities with quizzes, collaboration sessions, matching pairs, videos and drawing activities that are fun and interactive. A detailed report on participation and input provided by the attendee is made available to the service which informs their Quality Improvement Plan.

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.

– Albert Einstein

Child Australia, in partnership with the Northern Territory Government, proudly delivered the 2019 Northern Territory Children’s Learning and Development Conference better known as ‘Little People Big Dreams’ on Saturday 19 October 2019 at Hilton Darwin. 

The Conference was a sold out event, with representatives attending from outside school hours care (OSHC), family day care (FDC), preschool and long day care (LDC) services, as well as those from the school sector. The conference is the largest gathering in the Northern Territory of thought leaders, educators, teachers, academics, health professionals, policy makers, and other critically important practitioners and contributors in childhood learning and development. 

From newcomers to the field, to experienced professionals, the Conference was a great opportunity for delegates to interact with colleagues from across the NT and help advance the sector’s shared work on behalf of children during their most critical period of learning and development.  

The Conference provided a range of national and local presentations that highlighted innovation, the latest research and best practice. Focusing on supporting educators in all service types, the Conference was opened with renowned keynote speaker Dr Justin Coulson, who spoke to delegates about managing difficult conversations. A highlight of his presentation, aside from his live action representation of a vicious circle, was the notion of focusing, in challenging spaces, on the one thing which can be totally controlled – your response. 

Following on from Dr Coulson, delegates were led through a spirited exploration of risk by Louise Dorrat, who used personal anecdotes to outline the value of building resilience in children, making connections throughout the document to the approved learning frameworks, empowering educators to advocate for risk in their service, before leading the crowd to morning tea with a robust sing-a-long.  

The third keynote presentation focused on children’s behaviour, and was lead by Dr Louise Porter, who emphasised a view of children’s behaviour which stems from the perspective that children want to do well, and will do so when they can. Dr Porter’s ultimate aim is to work with educators, empowering them to teach children to behave considerately, being mindful of how their behaviour affects others, rather than relying on consequences to elicit compliance.  

Dr Porter’s presentation was followed by a keynote from Toni Powell, who explored the “assassins” of culture – those behaviours, conscious and unconscious – which erode the culture of team. In essence, Ms Powell said, life is made up of relationships, and it is up to each of us to learn the best ways to be in relationship with one another.  

After a comprehensive buffet lunch and exploration of the Exhibition space, Conference delegates had an afternoon of over 20 breakout sessions to choose from, including offerings from providers, deep dives with keynote speakers from the morning, and handson workshops covering:  

  • Outside School Hours Care 
  • Risky Play 
  • Self-Regulation 
  • Guiding Children’s Behaviour 
  • Learning in Practice 
  • Curriculum & Pedagogy
  • Health & Wellbeing 
  • Environments 
  • Workforce Development 

The Conference concluded with networking drinks, and a spontaneous performance by Daphne Puntjina & Sarah Gallagher from MacKids who shared songs in language with those in attendance.  

This year saw the introduction of a complimentary ticket and subsidised travel for all Outside School Hours Care services throughout the NT by the NT Department of Education which was well received. 

Connecting with so many and feeling a real part of it this year. “It’s all about relationships” session has provoked thought, reflect on our practices and make changes on our approach to the remote communities we deliver our program to.

– Joanne Gear, Attendee

Thank you Child Australia and the NT Govt for a fantastic Conference! I haven’t been to a Conference for several years mainly due to the cost, but was so very thankful to receive a free ticket from the NT Govt. for our OSHC service.

– Sharon Hubbard, Attendee

“Everything! Speakers, catering, venue, stalls – the whole day was wonderfully refreshing.

– Sheridan Martin , Attendee

Held at the Little People Big Dreams Conference venue, a Parent & Carer Event was held in conjunction with the Conference. Dr Justin Coulson addressed a sellout audience of 120 parents, early educators and teachers on Common Parenting Discipline Mistakes & Positive Alternatives on Saturday 19 October 2019. 

Involving and engaging our parents is critical on our journey towards improving outcomes for children so it was fitting to create something exclusive for our children’s first teachers. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive! 

Strategic Partnerships NT & WA

Northern Territory

Child Australia was represented at various Leadership Groups for Collective Impact – Bagot Deadly 20, and Palmerston Grow Well Live Well (GWLW). GWLW is in the mature stages of implementation and was successful in seeking funding to operate as the secretariat. Child Australia is a member of the Leadership Group and the Action Groups which provides opportunity for access into service delivery.

Group Training Northern Territory (GTNT): GTNT is a not for profit registered training organisation providing nationally recognised accredited training. GTNT has grown to be the largest employer of Apprentices and Trainees in the Northern Territory.

Child Australia and GTNT established a working partnership last financial year and this has delivered immense gains particularly in contributing towards quality workforce development in the education and care sector.

This successful alignment has seen Child Australia deliver the Certificate III and Diploma in Early Childhood Education Services in Darwin, Alice Springs and Nhulunbuy. The demand for Accredited Training continues to grow.

Child Australia continue the focus in building, developing and nurturing our collaborative partnerships to help deliver on our mission and improve developmental outcomes for children.

Western Australia

The Children’s Collective: as part of the 2019 Early Childhood Learning and Development Conference held in March 2019, Child Australia held a VIP roundtable event focussed on bringing together over 30 key sector CEO’s and government leaders for a discussion on how best to work together to improve outcomes for children.

Premier McGowan had launched his Government’s “Our Priorities” statements only 2 weeks prior, with a key priority being “a bright future” – dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of children in the early years.

A key outcome from this round table discussion was to focus on strengthening, establishing or re-establishing networks between non-government organisations and government agencies with a dedicated view to improving short and long term outcomes for children. From this discussion, smaller working groups were formed to tackle complex issues and develop innovative solutions.

These 3 working groups have commenced working on various initiatives to help support children and their families on:

  • Ear Health Initiative
  • Home Learning Environments
  • Reaching invisible children

Collective Impact Advisory Groups

Child Australia’s Reconciliation Action Plan

Child Australia’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) working group developed further this year with all members sharing a joint passion for reconciliation and a desire for Child Australia to significantly progress in this area.

Child Australia programs also worked on developing their own RAP. After research and discussion with other organisations the Child Australia RAP working group settled on a Reflect RAP, and officially registered their intention to develop this in October 2019.

The working group focused on unpacking the pillars of Reconciliation and what they meant for the organisation. Once the pillars were understood, a Vision was created encapsulating the beliefs of the working group, programs and those of the Board.

In December 2019, Child Australia joined Reconcilation WA, and the following January staff attended The Aboriginal Early Childhood Planning Day facilitated by Red Ruby Scarlett and Jessica Staines, with the key elements covered:

  • Understanding the WHY for centre-based RAP.
  • The importance of exploring the spaces of what is invisible.
  • First nations encompass a variety of countries/nations (Playschool a good example).
  • Consistency and decrease in reactive responses.
  • How will the group enact the RAP and what part does everybody play in ensuring we are enacting our RAP?
  • Being uncomfortable is OK. With uncomfortableness…. comes change.

Some of these concepts have now been included in curriculum development in Child Australia’s early childhood services.

The RAP group will continue to explore each site flying the indigenous flag and sourcing artworks. The artworks will assist sites to unpack and explore their Reconciliation story, and will include symbolism that reflects Child Australia’s services and programs.

Overall, the last year stimulated much discussion about inclusion, the importance of reconciliation and commitment towards this by Child Australia

Bagot Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS), Deadly 20, Mums and Bubs, Families for School Attendance (FFSA), Collective Impact, Walking Bus, Grow Well Live Well, Palmerston CFC

Mums and Bubs
The Mums and Bubs program has continued to operate well in 2020 with a continuation of children returning to the program as well as new children and families. The program has developed a reputation of consistency and reliability with families on the community feeling a sense of belonging and ownership of the program. The program has attracted some families from outside the community who now attend regularly which has been a real achievement and something the program has aimed to do since its beginning.

My daughter loves coming to mums and bubs, she calls it school, she loves all the staff and has a really great time when she is here

– Mums and Bubs participant

Families for School Attendance Program
The Families for School Attendance (FFSA) Program has remained consistent in the delivery of family support, school attendance and participation. The impact of Covid-19 restrictions within the community were, at times, difficult to navigate however the team was able to support children with remote learning and support onsite while they were unable to attend school, and ensure families were able to access the resources for learning.

Upon the lifting of Covid restrictions, the program saw 100% attendance back to school and family engagement with the FFSA program increase.

Collective Impact
The Bagot Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS) projects are currently in a transition phase working towards transitioning the contract to the Bagot Community Aboriginal Corporation.

The Collective Impact project has seen the development of an improved community engagement strategy that is focused on improving the outcomes of all Aboriginal residents of the Bagot Community, development of improved systems and sustainable funding, programs, staffing and practices that will enable Bagot Community to reach its vision of a safer community for children.

The re-imagining of the Deadly 20 is currently underway with a smaller leadership group which is community led and community focused and the introduction of an action group to drive change and support the collective impact work more efficiently.

The Child Australia team are always about and we can talk to them all the time, we can see so many changes in our community and all the plans that are happening, it’s really good

– Valemina White, Bagot Community Elder

Walking Bus
The Walking Bus continues to walk children to school every day and has supported families to have stronger communication with the school and better attendance. The Walking Bus remains an incredibly critical element of work that Child Australia offers in the Bagot Community, ensuring children are accounted for everyday and that families are supported when they need it.

“I like walking to school with miss Tanya in the morning, she makes us get up and gets us to school everyday.” Bagot Community Student

Grow Well, Live Well
The Grow Well, Live Well collective impact initiative has made changes to the leadership group this year to drive forward to the goal of being community lead. Child Australia remains a key stakeholder on the new Transition Leadership group which has recommenced meetings and is working towards establishing a pathway to community lead governance.

Palmerston Child and Family Centre (CFC)
Our work with the Palmerston CFC continues to grow and strengthen. The Young Mums Strong Mums initiative has had another successful year with 13 of 15 participants all on track to complete their Certificate III in Community Services. The collaboration between Child Australia and the CFC has cultivated an environment that supports families and children to positive outcomes.

The CFC partnership continues to evolve and grow and innovate future possibilities for families in the Palmerston region.

Children, Families & Community

Harrisdale ELC

On January 17 2020 Child Australia Harrisdale Early Learning Centre turned one year old – how time flies when you are having fun!

Since opening their doors they have:

  • Welcomed over 100 families in to their service
  • Built up a team of over 20 staff
  • Developed practices, procedures and policies that uniquely connect with the culture of the Harrisdale service

Building relationships with our families
Being a brand new service in the Harrisdale community a key focus for the Harrisdale Team was to build and form strong relationships with their families. Through team reflection the following strategies have been successfully implemented to stay connected with their families:

  • Monthly Family Newsletter- sharing updates about what is happening within the service
  • Family Nook- where parents can borrow board games, parenting books and cooking books
  • Seesaw Messages- sending out regular Seesaw messages to keep families updated of any changes or important information
  • Family Communication Board- providing families with visuals on what is happening within the service
  • Community Events-
    • Open Day- July 2019- This was a great opportunity to show off the service to the local community with lots of fun activities for families to do from fruit cutting, face-painting, henna, origami and of course a sausage sizzle. From the Open Day the service received 30 new enrolments.
    • 2019 Christmas Party- over 130 families attended the event at the local park with bouncy castle, large games, face-painting and sausage sizzle.

Team Bonding
With any service it is important to have a strong team. With this is mind the Harrisdale Team have created opportunities to connect with each other.

  • Created Team Challenges- doing inhouse team scavenger hunts where the team follow clues to find a prize
  • Icebreakers in team meetings to learn more about each other
  • Celebrating cultural events as a team
  • Celebrating community events such as Educator’s Day

Practices, Policies and Procedures
The Harrisdale Team always strive to provide a high level of quality of care. Over the past year the Harrisdale Team have become more familiar with their environments and the needs of their families which has supported the development of practices, policies and procedures. The Harrisdale Team are very proud of successfully implementing the following practices:

  • Our Story Board- showcasing the Harrisdale curriculum and how it connects with educators pedagogy
  • Planning Cycle- created by the Harrisdale Team to specifically meet educators’ different learning styles
  • Service Philosophy- how the service philosophy can be seen in the educators’ practice
  • Health and Safety- strengthening the policies to ensure that it meets the needs of the service

Team Development
To ensure that the staff at Harrisdale continue to grow in their pedagogy, extend their learning and feel empowered they are encouraged to attend Professional Development regularly.

Making Mat Times Meaningful- provided the opportunity to learn more about what different experiences can be included to make mat times engaging and purposeful.

Critical Reflection- supported the Harrisdale team to unpack what critical reflection was and how they can include it in their practice. This has hugely supported the team in their ongoing reflections of their practices.

Circle of Security- shared with the team an approach to learning that gives examples of how educators can build connections with children and create environments where children have a sense of belonging.

Make & Take Professional Development- making their own resources out of practically anything. Great sustainability practices.

Educational Leader Developmental Forum- empowering staff to know more about the Educational Leader role and what is required.

Introduction to the EYLF webinar- supporting staff to understand the national curriculum.


Thank-you so much for taking good care of Bethany! We are very appreciative

– Betty Adinow, Harrisdale ELC parent

You girls have something different set up for the babas each day. Thank-you for being awesome, Enzo can’t wait to come more days soon

– Sandra Ioppolo

Thanks for taking the time to give me some feedback- my heart sank when they announced the compulsory return to school today because I think he’s doing really well with you and his developmental progress is evident outside of daycare too! He comes back talking about how much he’s enjoyed the day, he’s more confident in himself and about how proud he is to be remembering and following “the whiteboard rules” and he has definitely formed a very close relationship with the educator! Thank you for all you do to make his days so enjoyable and enriched- I read your message out to him and he was beaming.

– Helen Morgan, Harrisdale ELC parent

I’d like to say that we are really happy with the care provided to Cooper. The educators do an amazing job. Thanks ladies!

– Thea Jamieson, Harrisdale ELC parent

Thank-you so much for the time and effort you put in to Evie she adores you so much! We both love and appreciate all that you do and have done!

– Kelly Turner, Harrisdale ELC parent

Lockridge Campus

This year has seen the highest of highs reached at Lockridge Campus.

In July 2019 they began a journey of re-assessment under the National Quality Standards with the aim to retain their EXCEEDING rating. During their pre-assessment and rating visit they were challenged to make sure that they highlighted the context of their service and why they offer such a unique perspective on Early Childhood Education in their community.
With this in mind, Lockridge Campus spent the next two months reflecting upon all rating areas and highlighting why they do what they do. In October 2019, they underwent a two-day Assessment & Rating visit, who provided positive on the spot feedback about the Campus’ philosophy and how it could be seen living and breathing through the staff.
In November, the team received the draft Assessment & Rating report and were ecstatic to have been successful in retaining their EXCEEDING rating. This journey continued early into 2020 as they continued their working towards becoming a Centre of Excellence.
Another huge achievement in late 2019 was securing 100% utilisation. During this period, the service implemented an approach to staff development and a model of Growing Their Own Educators. This reporting year five Educators reached or exceeded the milestone of five years of employment.
During this last year the Campus’ further strengthened relationships with local family support groups and the Department of Communities, averaging just under 50% of children in attendance who have been or are currently on a request for Additional Childcare Subsidy, having been identified as “at risk”. The team have continued to be a pillar of support for their local community and working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families. 42% of children in attendance identified as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.
During the height of the Pandemic the Campus pulled together as a whole community with families going above and beyond in their support for the service during the Free Childcare period. The team received so much appreciation. The Kindy teacher from Lockridge Primary School arranged a beautiful garden picnic for our team of Educators to acknowledge their efforts during this time.


Thank you for being the most supportive, flexible and understanding management team I have come across in the industry. The time and dedication you both put into the service is evident from the moment you step foot in the foyer. Your staff are a true testament to the wonderful leaders you both are and we have always felt so welcomed and accepted since we began with you two years ago! THANK YOU

– Sarah Marron (Lockridge Campus parent)

We bust dance moves on the bus, singing as loud as we can, you make every day fun. Thank you!

– Lisa Symons (Lockrdidge Campus parent)

Kodey has been attending the Lockridge Early Learning Centre since he was 4 months old and for me being a single mum, it is very easy for me to get up and take him there everyday as he is very happy to attend, he has developed so much into the little boy that he is becoming and he is making awesome friendships with all in the centre. It is an amazing feeling to know that the educators treat my son as kindly as I do and spend the time with him. If I didn’t have the support and love from Lockridge ELC then I would not be able to work and provide my son with the life that we have.
Thank you to Lockridge ELC for all that they do for Kodey and the other children in the community.

– Cristy (Lockridge Campus parent)

HIPPY Hedland (Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters)

The Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters (HIPPY) is a voluntary home-based enrichment program funded through the Australian Government Department of Social Services. HIPPY is a two-year, early learning and parenting program for families with young children aged 4 and 5.

HIPPY empowers families in their role as their child’s first educator and focuses on the development of school readiness with an emphasis on pre-numeracy and pre-literacy experiences. The program provides parents with employment and enrichment opportunities, Making this program such a fantastic opportunity for the parent as well as the child.

In 2019 HIPPY Hedland Graduated the Age 5 Cohort in a spectacular event at a local indoor play centre. The families celebrated this achievement with the Age 4 cohort to also celebrated Children’s Week. Families were treated to face painting, a photo booth, and cupcake decoration.
In 2020 HIPPY Hedland were able to continue to deliver during Covid-19. Having safe social distancing guidelines provided minimal interruption to the program. HIPPY Hedland’s Coordinator had the opportunity to Co-chair the Hedland Early Years Network which created the opportunity to connect and work collaboratively with other early year services within the community. Together with the Town of Port Hedland they hosted large community events such as Children’s Week and Naidoc Week celebrations.


HIPPY has given me the opportunity to watch my child learn at home and created a special bond between myself and my child.

– HIPPY Parent 2019

HIPPY Hedland have put on some fantastic events for families this year. Being able to attend and share my own culture at group meetings has made my daughter proud of her background – HIPPY Parent 2019
I have had the opportunity to become a HIPPY Tutor this year. I have met and made some amazing friends along the way and the program has given me confidence and training to step back into the workforce.

– HIPPY Tutor 2020

HIPPY Geraldton (Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters)

Creating Champions to Create Champions

This year Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters (HIPPY) in Geraldton have helped create champion tutors, who have helped create champion parents, who have created champion children; at HIPPY Geraldton they are genuinely making a difference.

In 2020, HIPPY Geraldton worked hard to empower tutors to create new opportunities for life and family through the power of education and training. They were grateful this year, for a successful application for HIPPY enhancement funding, which enabled tutors to create new futures for themselves and their families. 100% of the tutor cohort became certified in their choice of profession.


I was a fulltime single mum which was difficult with a lack of support; a career was always a slow thought. Becoming a HIPPY tutor really changed my outlook and impacted my life in ways I cannot describe. It has given me an extremely positive outlook on life knowing how supported and cared for I am within the program. Through Tutor training and studying at TAFE, so many opportunities have appeared within my life so quickly. I have made friendships, networks, found great resources, discovered new work opportunities and learnt so much about myself, my passions and my future career choices. I have increased my personal skills, my confidence, my esteem, my leadership and professional learning skills and qualifications. Every step in HIPPY has helped me to grow. It is just such a great feeling to be living life knowing I have made it so far in so little time. HIPPY really has shown me that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

– Sarah, HIPPY tutor 2020

The HIPPY Geraldton team have agreed that working with parents and empowering them to be their child’s first teacher has been so enriching. To be a part of someone’s parenting support network in the early years has been a privilege and a joy.
“Learning to be a tutor has taught me many things. I have loved the opportunity to work with different families and learn how people approach activities differently and how to support them and honour their strengths. I have enjoyed learning more about literacy and the philosophies underpinning the HIPPY way. Tutor training has been an amazing opportunity to learn more about myself, and I have enjoyed the support and inspiration I have received.

– Alicia, HIPPY tutor 2020

Kara has enjoyed the range of activities and we have found different ways of learning other than just the alphabet and counting. My daughter has shown a lot of interest in the science activities which I wouldn’t have thought to do with her. I am so thankful for this opportunity and it’s definitely making a difference in my family’s life.

– Prue, HIPPY Parent/Tutor, 2020

Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters (HIPPY); we love it!

– Everyone!, 2020

West Pilbara Mobile Children’s Service

Delivering a play-based learning program built around the Early Year’s Learning Framework the West Pilbara Mobile Children’s Service continues to be the only mobile children’s service for young families in the West Pilbara region who are socially and geographically isolated and have limited access to quality early childhood and care programs. The program is funded by the National Indigenous Australians Agency.

The Service’s success has grown over the past 12 months reaching over 135 children and their families. Implementing an enriching and educational program with the support of community schools and principals, community leaders, elders, families, health professionals and wellbeing services has ensured the Service continues to provide every participating child the opportunity to explore, learn and problem solve using culturally appropriate resources and develop component skills that will assist them to develop a greater readiness when transitioning into their formal years of education. The targeted parent development opportunities offered has seen a significant rise in adult attendance and participation.

The Service had two significant events this past year that, although affected our program delivery, they became our greatest successes: Cyclone Damian and COVID-19 Pandemic.

With damaged roads and high flood waters closing access to remote Indigenous communities (families are advised to leave their communities and seek shelter in town) WPMCS was able to collaborate with teaching staff, community members, and local services to continue their program delivery to over 59 children and their families in a pop-up class room in South Hedland during the Cyclone Damian recovery.

The Pandemic put the Service’s remote Indigenous communities into lock down with travel and access restrictions imposed. Recognising the need to continue to support these children and families with learning experiences, WPMCS made weekly resource/activity educational packs, including donations from local services, to encourage continued learning in the home. Supported by the teaching staff with pick up and deliveries, WPMCS were able to provide remote and local families with over 500 packs.


Weekly Playgroup sessions at Yandeyarra allow the children to use good quality educational equipment and the opportunity to interact with trained educators. The ladies do an amazing job! Thank you for all your efforts. The children love Playgroup day. The educators always set up fun learning experiences and provide great healthy snacks for all who attend. A job well done! Trudy and Amy are amazing! They are inspiring, enthusiastic educators who provide engaging learning experiences for the children. The kids love the fact that they get something to take home every week. During COVID lockdown the Playgroup educators continued to provide fun learning packages for the children of Yandeyarra. Thank you so much for all your efforts to keep things running for the benefit of the kids.

– Sheryl Delaporte, Early Childhood Teacher Yandeyarra

The packs being delivered during COVID-19 lockdown have been really well received. The kids really enjoy them and a couple of mums have said that they like helping their kids with the activities.

– Graham Boyd, Principal Yandeyarra Community School

Playgroup has been amazing for my daughter Nancy getting her to interact with other children and adults giving her more confidence. I love the positive fun atmosphere.

– Jennafie Kelly, Attending Parent Town Square

Emmerson loves this Playgroup. It’s great that every week there are different activities for the kids and parents to do together. This is a great social outing for Emmerson and myself and we look forward to it every week.

– Suzie Bradbury, Attending Parent Town Square

The packs delivered during COVID19 were so good for the kids. It gave them something to do. They missed you!

– Clarrie Parent, from Warralong Community

Larapinta Early Learning Centre

Larapinta Early Learning Centre has been evolving and growing since April 2017. After navigating their way through the infancy stages and achieving an Exceeding Rating in 2018 the team has continued to develop and establish themselves within the communities of Larapinta and Alice Springs. The Educators at Larapinta ELC are committed to creating a sense of community within the service. Children’s connectedness and different ways of belonging with people, country and communities helps them learn ways of ‘being’ which reflect the values, traditions and practices of their families and communities. Over time this learning transforms the ways they interact with others.

Larapinta ELC has been involved in a lot of reflective and ongoing professional development in relation to their Reconciliation Action Plan (their cultural competency) and sustainability practices, ensuring children are equipped with the knowledge and skills from early childhood to create a beautiful world for them to grow up in.

The Educators at Larapinta ELC respect multiple cultural ways of knowing, seeing and living, celebrate the benefits of diversity and have an ability to understand and honour differences. Educators view culture and the context of family as central to children’s sense of being and belonging, and to success in lifelong learning.

The team has been committed to protecting our environment to ensure a sustainable future for children and through continuous improvement the Centre strives to be better tomorrow than they are today. Educators at Larapinta ELC actively participate in caring for the environment and promote sustainable practices through educating and working with the children, families and wider community.

Larapinta Early Learning Centre is continually a professional learning community who are committed and dedicated to high quality education and care practices. They recognise the importance in working in partnership with families and communities to enhance better outcomes for children and their future positive cognitive and social development.

Farrar Early Learning Centre

Strengthening increased community engagement
An increased focus on family and community engagement has resulted in deeper understandings and connections between staff, families and communities. In particular, the NAIDOC Week celebrations encouraged meaningful engagements in Educator and staff activity that support Educator and children’s understandings on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways of being and knowing.

Farrar ELC engaged in a range of fundraising efforts for causes including: WIRES (Wildlife Information Rescue & Education Services Inc.) to support wildlife in bushfire effected areas, Red Nose Day and Jeans for Genes Day. Farrar ELC’s dedication to supporting their immediate and wider community has been well demonstrated this year which is an important part of Farrar ELC’s values.

Building a Professional Learning Community
Farrar ELC’s Educator team continues to go from strength to strength. The previous motion of “Grow Our Own” in the NT continues to thrive as staff build their knowledge and skills. Over the past year more than half the team engaged in studies to achieve formal qualifications. Educators are on track to finish their qualifications with some of our team already completing and receiving their certificates. Following the previous year’s success in retaining relationships with Mary McKillop Catholic College, the service has taken on another school-based trainee from Mary McKillop Catholic College. This year the service had a staff member complete their Certificate III and another finish their Diploma in Early Childhood Education & Care.

Studying towards Certificate III = 4 Staff members
Studying towards Diploma = 4 Staff members
Studying towards Bachelor = 2 Staff members

Along with formal qualifications the team has actively sought to develop their own professional practice focusing on supporting children’s behaviours particularly the Educator’s role in these scenarios. Supporting this practice is a requirement for the team’s self-reflection on their programs, environments and practices. Reflective Practice is a continued theme that has supported Farrar ELC’s implementation of award-winning practices such as Loose Parts Play.

Acknowledging successes through challenging times
Farrar ELC Educators have done an amazing job adapting and rising to the challenge during a challenging year, ensuring the needs of children and families are met in a healthy and safe way. Adding to the challenge was a new Centre Director at the beginning of 2020, “Free Childcare” and a new food co-ordinator who braved the shops many times to secure food items for the service during the Covid-19 panic buying and supermarket-imposed limits.

Proud is an understatement in the way each Educator navigated and overcame their own personal Covid-19 related challenges. Families have demonstrated their support and appreciation through their kind words, email shout outs, donations, food platters, homemade treats, gifts and more! It has been a challenging experience that has only intensified the bond between Educators, families and the wider community.


We are very sad that James will no longer be in the care of the amazing staff at Farrar, James has come such a long way since being there and we couldn’t be more thankful. I appreciate everything you have done for us and adore the hard work that every single person there puts in, especially with James. He certainly was not easy at the start and definitely still has his moments, but with the hard work that everyone has put in with him, James is turning into such a little gentleman, and for this I thank you.

– Jamie-Lee Jones-Dooley (Farrar ELC Parent)

As the longest serving clients of Farrar Early Learning Centre, unfortunately, the time has come to end Charlie’s enrolment at the Centre, signalling the end of an era for our family having sent three boys there and walking through those gates to your lovely smiling faces every day for the past seven years. I would like each and every one of you to know how much we have genuinely appreciated the care you have shown our boys over the years, and the support you have shown our family; it really has been second to none. The boys all really enjoyed their time at the Centre and built some wonderful relationships, and we always felt completely comfortable leaving them in your very capable hands.

– Kristy Rees (Farrar ELC Parent)

You guys have been amazing and, although I don’t know what happens behind the scenes with paperwork and logistics, from the front every single one of the educators still greets Charlii with smiles love and warmth. It’s all I can ask for. KNOW YOU ALL ARE APPRECIATED!

– Sarah Hayden (Farrar ELC Parent

Palmerston Child and Family Early Learning Centre

Over the past 12 months Palmerston Child and Family Early Learning Centre focused on a comprehensive approach to participating in the Assessment & Rating process and stabilising the educator team. A set goal to work towards achieving was to develop and deepen the establishment of positive respectful relationships with families and children. Relationships are a key foundation at Palmerston.

As a team working in close partnership with the child and family centre, staff recognised and celebrated many culturally respectful events with families many celebrations including Holi Celebrations, NAIDOC Week, Easter, and Christmas. Children also had the opportunity to participate in lots of fun incursions events such as pirate day and learn about and recognise fallen soldiers for ANZAC day.

The service scheduled visits from the local fire brigade and the animal visit was a loved learning experience by all the children. Families loved seeing the photos of their children engaging in these learning opportunities.

In the early part of 2020, Palmerston Child and Family ELC continued to work and support our families to ensure they maintained their child’s enrolment at the Centre and enable families to continue working during the Pandemic. During this time the Educators shared many amazing resources through the SeeSaw App. providing families with learning opportunities and play experiences they could do with their child at home. For some of the families that did leave their employment during the Pandemic and remain home with their children, the resources made available allowed them to stay connected with the centre and play experiences, including Yoga for children, story time, music and activities which created ‘everywhere’ learning.

Palmerston Child and Family ELC participated in a partial reassessment for Quality Area 1 and achieved a MEETING overall rating – a great achievement for the Palmerston team. The team of Educators continued to access professional development including their attendance at the 2019 Little People, Big Dreams Conference held in Darwin, NT.


Thank you for all that you do for the children and families

– Rebecca Harris (parent of Oliver)

You all do a wonderful job keeping our children safe

– Kylie Bell (parent of Vittorio)

We love it when you tell us about all the learning and fun things you do with our children. Thank you for keeping our kiddies safe and loved

– Kerry (parent of Lily-Rose)

Thanks for looking after my boy so well. You all do an amazing job here

– Jasmin (parent of Tylor)

Thank you for all that you do for our children

– Leticia (parent of Sage)

Nightcliff Community Early Learning Centre

Some interesting facts about the team at Nightcliff Community Early Learning Centre:

  • There are 12 Educators, a qualified Chef and the Director who make up their team.
  • Collectively there is over 100 years of experience working with young children in early years settings.
  • The team consists of 9 different nationalities.
  • There are 8 Educators with a Diploma level qualification or higher.
  • The average age of the staff team at Nightcliff Community ELC is 33.

The 2019/20 year has been a one of a kind for the sector and for Nightcliff communities. The best way to describe the year that was, is with a few key words – Commitment, Togetherness, Exceeding and Resilience.

This financial year saw the Director and many of the team reach two years with the service. The team has evolved and changed during this period, fare-welling some Educators that relocated, left to have a baby or took a new pathway in their career. The service values the footprint that the Educators leave and the important role they play in the lives and experiences of the children in attendance – thank you to those Educators who have come and gone, and welcome to the new faces that have had joined the team.

The service recognises the commitment displayed by the team at Nightcliff Community ELC and congratulate the achievements and successes. July to October brought along in-depth preparation for the Assessment & Rating visit by the Territory Regulatory Authority. The team celebrated the success of this process and were awarded an overall rating of EXCEEDING the National Quality Standard.

January presented an opportunity for the team to come together to support the communities of Southern NSW and Victoria through a community donation drive. During the Christmas break, every Educator within the team donated their own time and energy in collecting, organising and packing donations. In one day, along with community volunteers and support from the Northern Territory’s Federal Minister, Luke Gosling they collected, sorted and packed over 40 large removalist boxes. All of these boxes arrived safe to communities and families within various communities within Victoria. The efforts from everyone were impressive and the donation drive caught the attention from the local news.

The challenges the team have overcome in 2019/20 have provided many opportunities for reflection, for planning and for learning. They have built up their resilience and have strengthen their relationships as a staffing team, as a service and in the wider community of Child Australia and Nightcliff Primary School Community. As they say, “Team work makes the dream work” and with a strong resilient team comes high quality opportunities and educational practices for children and families.


Being a first time mum and sending my daughter to daycare with the absolutely amazing staff at Nightcliff ELC has left me wondering who are these angels that tirelessly look after our most precious members of the community for such little reward. It is so hard to leave my baby girl but I know she is taken care of and when she is sad she is given a cuddle of reassurance. Without these angels of care, the community that we know would cease to exist! Thank you.

– Krystal, parent of Ava

Thank you for the amazing work that you do on a day to day basis which contributes to shaping the personality of our kids. The importance of your work is extremely difficult to express in words, it’s a matter of feeling for me.

– Dilli, parent of Aavya

Thank you to all of you for looking after our Charli so well when she is with you. She loves spending her days there and it’s such a relief seeing her happy and seeing how caring and loving you are towards her. You all have so much patience and are always smiling and approachable no matter what. Thank you for caring for Charli, teaching her so many things, and for dealing with all our requests! We can’t thank you enough for all that you do.

– Sophie & Dan, parents of Charlotte

Nightcliff Outside School Hours Care

The Nightcliff OSHC Team has continued work towards the goal of diverse internal and external natural environments. A large focus for the 2019-2020 year was fostering community ownership and representation within the OSHC space. One major project highlighting this was the creation of the Nightcliff OSHC World Wall where children traced and painted the world map onto a wall in the OSHC environment. The world map has allowed children and families to share their global experiences with the OSHC community.

The stand out for this year has been the stabilisation of the Nightcliff OSHC staff force. A regular staffing team increased Nightcliff OSHC’s capacity to provide consistent quality care to children. The staff team also positively impacted the service during the height of the pandemic, with utilisation remaining strong at an average of 88% from the end of March until the end of June 2020.

Nightcliff OSHC focussed on continuing to foster strong community relationships, with particular consideration with partners Nightcliff Primary School and Nightcliff Community Early Learning Centre. Relationships with these parties strengthened Nightcliff OSHC’s capacity to provide holistic play and leisure opportunities to school-aged children.

Anula Outside School Hours Care

During 2019/20 Anula Outside School Hours Care focused on remaining an integrated and engaged part of the local community. The service partnership with Anula Primary School and Anula Preschool continued to thrive through engaging leadership meetings and collaborative projects. Additional community ties were created with local businesses, non-profit organisations and Emergency Services through onsite visits and networking opportunities.

In April, Anula Outside School Hours Care celebrated their first anniversary, coupled with the huge achievement of doubling their occupancy (an average of 40 children attending per day and close to 30 consistently attending Vacation Care).

Anula OSHC continued to maintained high quality programs aligned with the National Quality Framework, aimed at improving the children’s learning and educational outcomes.

Navigating the challenges of COVID-19, Anula OSHC implemented strict health and safety procedures, ensuring every precaution to ensure the health and safety all children, staff and families attending the service. Their Educators also utilised age-appropriate resources to help children engage and understand discussions surrounding the pandemic.

Improvements to the Anula OSHC rooms was an ongoing and project, with a strong focus on creating comfortable, relaxing spaces for children and effective storage solutions.

As occupancy levels increased Anula OSHC expanded their team to four experienced, passionate and dedicated Educators who participate in regular, ongoing professional development and mentoring, ensuring the service continues to provide high quality care and education for all children.
For example, their Educators focused on supporting children’s emotional and social development by engaging them in guided meditation sessions after school to assist with coping strategies in coping with stress and anxiety.


Child Australia offers quality care and education through their After School Care program as well as their Vacation Care program. The service works in partnership with the school ensuring the ethos of the school, the vision and mission is upheld. The staff are fully trained and come with a wealth and range of experience. Our students and families speak highly of the service and the school is beyond happy with the service they provide to our students and families.

– Melinda Kealy, Principal, Anula Primary School

I had reservations about after school care for my little pre-schooler. But now I have absolutely no concerns at all. The safety procedures implemented have been excellent and greatly appreciated. I feel the staff communication (using walkie-talkies) and child safety is a pivotal fundamental change for the Anula OSHC. It is also great to see the children are encouraged to do art activities, my child is always bringing home drawings and little gifts for the family. 5 out of 5 from us!

– Rachel Cotton

My daughter has been with Child Australia since the service opened at Anula Primary School. Communication during the Covid pandemic was clear and frequent giving me peace of mind that the service was doing all it could to ensure the safety of my child and was genuinely interested in parent feedback. My daughter enjoys attending after school care and working with the educators and other students. I find the staff to be friendly and helpful at all times and they show a keen interest in my child

– Wanita McNeill

Valery started to attend Anula After School Care at the end of October 2019. For these 10.5 months we have had only positive experience with Anula OSHC. I am fully satisfied with the quality of services provided. The staff are really amazing, friendly and very supportive to children as well as parents. Educators are busy playing with children, try to organise interesting activities inside and outside aimed to involve everyone. They take care of children’s health by reminding them to wear hats and using sunscreen when outside. Educators of Anula OSHC have been fostering strong relationships with children and teaching them to interact with others with mutual respect, treat others equally and fairly and be open and warm to people. I also enjoy looking through the Anula OSHC photo album. The holiday program is bustling and fascinating including entertaining and cognitive excursions. Every time when I pick up Valery from After School Care he does not want to go home. He really enjoys being in the After School Care and playing with his friends. Thank you Juliana, Hina and Maggie for your work and our happy children!

– Olga Efremova

Wanguri Outside School Hours Care

Wanguri OSHC is a managed partnership between Wanguri Primary School and Child Australia; offering a 75 place service to the Wanguri community and providing Before & After School Care and Vacation Care to children from Pre-School to Year 6.

This year the service had an amazing opportunity to offer care and support to families whose children attended Mimik-ga Centre, a new learning hub to support children with additional needs within their Early Intervention program. This has been a very positive experience for not only the families accessing the service, but also for the team knowing they are helping support the children’s growth and development. Through this partnership staff completed the Autism Spectrum Disorder online course.

During COVID-19 Wanguri OSHC was very lucky to be able to remain open to provide care for their families. Families were very thankful for this as most were front line health professionals, Defence personnel, or childcare workers.

During the past year the service has had several changes to their program and moved into a new space, which allowed them to plan and provide different play environments both inside and outside while still maintaining positive relationships and social skills.

The service’s continued to focus on their primary purpose in helping support growth, development and quality of life for young people, their families and communities, and to set children up for success by developing confident, self-reflective, compassionate and resilient future leaders.


The team at Wanguri outside hours care are extremely professional, friendly, caring and offer welcoming environment to all. Over the past couple of years our family has been very satisfied with the level of care and attention when it comes to our two girls. We couldn’t speak more highly of the whole team. We look forward to continuing our relationship throughout the future.

– Lauren, Parent Wanguri OSHC

We have been with Wanguri OSHC for 2020. Charlotte has enjoyed the full use of OSHC, we have had Vac Care, BSC and OSHC all of which she has enjoyed, the variety of activities have kept her engaged and happy! Staff are always friendly and Caring! Which is a pleasure to know how well cared for the kids are. The only negative is the loudness of the new room; Charlotte gets headaches from the noise sometimes. We are happy with the communication from OSHC, both ways from and to myself.

– Vanessa, Parent Wanguri OSHC

Jayden enjoys coming here, all the educators have been fantastic with him and he has changed so much this year, which as a parent I am happy with between Mimik-ga and Wanguri OSHC.
I was a bit worried at first with all the big changes and how Jayden would cope, but he has done so well with the support from Wanguri OSHC.

– Claire, Parent Mimik-Ga/Wanguri OSHC

My Daughter’s have had a fantastic experience at OSHC. The staff are friendly and welcoming and always have a smile. I would definitely recommend Wanguri OSHC to anyone looking for Care.

– Jade & Hayley’s Dad

As a working full time Mum I feel so lucky that my daughter has been able to come to Before and After school care at Wanguri. The staff really care about the kids and this has helped my daughter settle into the school routine! Thanks to Tanya and the Team for going the extra mile. Rebecca North

– Ainsley Hart’s Mother Transition 2020

Bagot OSHC

The past year at Bagot Community OSHC has been challenging, yet rewarding, before covid-19 the vacation care programs were successful with a great attendance rate, with the Christmas celebrations being a highlight. The team adapted extremely well to overcome the challenges the new year brought in adapting to the ‘new normal’ and learned to celebrate and appreciate every success and achievement.

The long-standing partnership between Bagot OSHC and the youth arts group Corrugated Iron continued throughout the restrictions and Community closure with Corrugated Iron connecting with the OSHC remotely allowing the children to continue with weekly dance sessions.

Notable this year, the OSHC was awarded the Innovative Solutions Grant which allowed the team to introduce the focus of nutrition and sustainability with a bush tucker garden being built to grow fresh vegetables. Nutrition training sessions resulted in an overhaul of the menu and eating habits of the children and the introduction of a Bagot OSHC Nutrition Philosophy to the service.

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Financial Performance 2020

Maria Miller
Maria MillerCorporate Services

Child Australia’s operating results over the 2018/2019 financial year showed a consolidated profit of $32K for 2019, an improved position from 2018 profits of $18k.

The organisation’s revenue streams are derived from State/Territory and Federal Government funded programs and fee-for-service in the early to middle childhood sector. The fee for service component continues to be an area of strong growth and represents 79% of total revenue compared to 75% in 2018. This increase is a result of growth in innovative initiatives that have seen an expansion of the organisation’s diversified revenue streams.

Staffing costs remain the largest expenditure item and makes up 70% of total expenditure. The focus on providing a high-quality workforce is evidenced by the organisation’s continued commitment to above award wages and professional development opportunities across the organisation.

During the 2018/2019 financial year, Child Australia’s Senior Executives continued their focus on the financial stability of the organisation providing a stable robust foundation for growth and opportunity. In addition, the streamlining of various processes and a dedicated commitment to sustainability has resulted in improved efficiencies and cost savings across the organisation.

The carry forward unexpended program funds decreased to $0.4m (2018 -$0.5m) and will be employed within the 2019/2020 programs.

All staff entitlements were accrued in full at year end and program funding received in advance held over to the new financial year.

An exciting year lies ahead for the organisation as it looks to continue efforts to broaden its revenue and asset base in a continued climate of reduced government funding. Overall Child Australia’s financial position is stable and the organisation is well-positioned for growth opportunities.

Child Australia Revenue 2018/2019

Child Australia Expenditure 2018/2019

Child Australia Supporters

Child Australia would like to acknowledge all the organisations and individuals who have assisted us over the course of the year.

“Your support is invaluable and enables us to work towards our vision of a community where children grow, thrive and reach their full potential.”

Contact Details

National Toll Free: 1300 66 11 64

WA Office: support@childaustralia.org.au

NT Office: darwin@childaustralia.org.au


If you have any further inquiries please contact us!